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Being homebound within the context of this unsettling moment in our collective history has flung the doors open on a museum of moods and psychological curiosities. This series serves both as evidence of these mercurial and repetitive emotions, and as a chronicle of this strange time for my family. We continually explore feelings of restlessness in being trapped, caged in, and tied down. While other moments are saturated with sadness and yearning, particularly in the portraits of my eldest daughter, who turned 16 during this series and had to forgo joyful moments this spring had promised to her. There are also moments of silliness and play where potted house plants become jungles, and toilet tissue is adorned like a fashionable frock. These photos wade into anxiety and ennui, and occasionally plunge into darker territory. The photographs ponder how time has taken on a peculiar quality, simultaneously dragging itself across the walls and vanishing as we count away the days like beads on a necklace, reaching the end, only to learn we need to begin again and again. Varying cooler and warmer tones are intended to nod to the passing of time. A variety of focal lengths were employed, some aimed at a classic style of portraiture with the incongruence of absurd elements, and others with distortion to capture the oddity and tension within these narratives. The overall effect is intended to invite the viewer into something intimate and familiar, while not commanding how they are meant to experience or interpret the image.

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